Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Wednesday Feature: There Are Two Things I Know

I’ve been working this blog for quite some time now and so far its paid plenty of dividends to my self-esteem.

Just the other day I had someone tell me concerning my posts: “Some of them are kinda funny.” Nothing lifts a writer’s spirits like such heart felt endorsements.  It is my sincerest hope that one day I shall ascend to the ranks of people who have heard: “Some of your posts are actually funny!.” Dare to dream.

One of the issues I’ve found that keeps me from being a better blogger is my lack of writing skills; the other is a distinct lack of theme. I tend to think my writing is better when I care about my subject matter but as I’m mostly dead inside I don’t really care about much other than family (and of course you Solitary Reader, I care about you!) and I don’t write about family because that’s private. Despite Tuesday’s topic I don’t write about private stuff either (btw, as an addendum to Tuesday’s topic, its also best not to practice your Gollum impressions in the bathroom either: apparently it’s disconcerting for someone else to walk in and hear “My Precioussssss” emanating from the bathroom stall. Can we say misconstrued people?).

And so the point to this pointless preamble: the new Wednesday theme called There are Two Things I Know, so without any ado:

There are Two Things I Know

The first thing I know is that justice in Canada doesn’t exist (or if it does it’s hiding down the same hole as Wireton Willie).

No matter how you feel about the RCMP, or the cops if you prefer, I would hate to have that job. These people spend their time and their effort, and in some cases their lives, on the streets trying to find, catch and hold murderers, rapists, thieves and the utmost in dirtbaggishness only to be spit upon, criminalized in the media and then have to watch the very people they put their lives on the line to catch walk free because the Canadian justice is as firm as the willie of an 80 year old man in the days before Viagra.

Finding examples of the failure of the Canadian law system is about as difficult as finding a corrupt politician. Among the more obvious failures of our system include:

  • The recent verdict in the Alan Shoenborn case. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this case , Shoenborn killed three of his children and then went and hid in the bushes. After months of costly trial a verdict came down amounting to not criminally responsible because he was a nut job. Now while anyone who takes the life of someone else for reasons not including self-defence could arguably be considered a nutjob it’s the criminally responsibility part that’s worrying. In one report I read it was stated that during the trial it came out that Shoenborn killed his children because he thought they were being molested. This is an example of idiocy, not insanity. If you think you’re children are being molested and you feel the need to kill someone over it – kill the molester, not the molested. I’m not advocating any killing but if you have to at least point it in the right direction.
  • In November of 2000 Irene Thorpe was run over by 2 individuals involved in a street race. The two genetic wastrels were caught and then sentenced to basically 2 years house arrest. The outcry for this one was fairly loud and eventually the two were deported to India and sentenced to work at a DELL call centre. One of these reckless bastards went through appeal after appeal trying to stay in Canada but was finally deported in April of 2009. So not only is justice lacking in Canada it takes forever to carryout the paltry sentences that are handed down.

These are just two of the more prominent cases which make me believe that justice in Canada is sickly and destitute. All over the true north strong and free there are a myriad of indications on smaller levels of the same; and I’m sure its not just in Canada either, all over the world the rights of the few supersede the rights of the many.

No longer do criminals have to take responsibility for their actions; we look upon these criminals and see only poor unfortunate victims of a cold, uncaring society who are merely crying for attention. As for the victims of these victims well, so what if they were productive members of society that actually contributed to the overall pot rather than withdrawing out of it; its just poor circumstance that these two victims clashed and only the one (the one willing to kill) survived.

I don’t have any answers, other than grandiose ideas to put the well-being of society before that of a few of its less-than-stellar members, but I and I’m sure many of the other members of the silent majority can see that there is a problem. That’s one thing I’m sure of, that there’s a problem.

And the second thing I know?

The guy who does the voice for Bejewelled Blitz on Facebook is hitting on me – he keeps calling me “Spectacular” in that Barry White voice of his. Creepy. I’m afraid to score more than 550K points because he might ask me out to coffee and I’d have to say no – and every game after that would be awkward.

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