Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Pox Upon the Chaos Gremlins

I'm sitting at work here and it looks like a tree exploded on my desk. It's been like this for weeks and the only reason I hesitate to clean it is the fact that when I do it will be about 10 minutes before the chaos gremlins come back and mess everything up again.

Nevertheless, if I want to get anything done today, I'm going to have to straighten up this desk. But before I do...

A Pox Upon the Chaos Gremlins

Doltish Gremlin, I hate thee!
Infamously, thou hast wrought chaos upon my place of work.
Now, I hate thee not like I hate that evil dingo
Git, that howls ceaselessly against his fetters
O'er moaning insults at his intellectual betters.

Still, whilst I sit at my desk, needing order,
Understanding that on the border
Chaos and Creativity struggle, an internal
Kinetic reaction that leads to creation
Sometimes also to internal lamentation.

May I now describe to you these Gremlins?
Oh they are wiley, perverse, and hail from the Kremlin.
Nay, not the Kremlin! Yes, tis so!
Kant-ish they are in attitude, yet defy reason.
Eyes: Fiery and buggish, like the summer season
Years touch them not, that is nature's treason.

But I am stronger than they, and will persevere.
Understanding that its the same year after year.
Tenfold will the Gremlins wreak havoc on my station;
Turn them back I must, or feel yet more frustration.

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