Thursday, July 17, 2008

Flotsam & Jetsam

Named after my favorite chapter in Lord of the Rings. I believe it;s in The Two Towers, in the chapter where Merry & Pippin are reunited with Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas:

1) There is always one car accident in Surrey. There is only one car accident in Surrey. This phenomenon (doo doo de doo doo) is known as the roving Surrey accident (RSA). You can hear reports about it on the news in the morning. The newsies will try and tell you that there's more than one accident in Surrey, but those are but pale shadows, of the cause, but not the cause itself. The RSA is like Amber (Roger Zelazney), the original world from which all other Shadows are cast.

2) In the same way that I do not believe in math, I do not believe that man is ready to discover life on other planets. I'm not saying that there isn't life on other planets. But if you see those specials Discovery runs, you know those shows where they vow to uncover the truth but basically argue right down the middle of a topic and say nothing worth listening too (oh, and its accompanied by dramatizations of what it would look like if it had happened... ah CG.. the blessing and the curse of the modern world), most of those types of shows look at other planets in space and use the presence or non-presence of water as a jumping off point for life. Who's to say that in order for life to occur it needs water? Sure, life as we know it needs water, but if life exists on another planet its going to have to deal with its own separate atmospheric difficulties and therefore might not be "as we know it." We're not looking for life on other planets. We're looking for us.

3) This morning I got stuck behind the one motorcyclist who obeys the speed limit. How'd the heck did that happen?

And because I can, here's some haiku on various subjects:


Drinking bitter brew,
Time on caffienated wings
Flies, the day has passed.

Monitor Risers

Hold up small Atlas
The world I see before me
Rests on your shoulders.


Three Ringed manacle
Holding paper fast within.
I am organized.

Banker's Boxes

A misnomer here,
I looked inside this product.
There was no banker!

This is pretty much just a quote from Farscape. Season Four. A discussion between Einstein and John Crichton. It's always stuck with me.

Time Flies, Time Bandits
Time wounds all heals. Rosemary
And Time. Time ends. Time.


Carole said...

Oh! I love the binder one "I am organized" you wanna bring some of that organization to our home? :)

PrincessButtercup said...

Bankers boxes indeed have no bankers in them. Plus I don't think I have ever seen a banker use one... how odd.