Monday, November 30, 2009

I Need A Nemesis

It’s a commonly known fact that no superhero is great unless he has a nemesis. For Superman there was Lex Luthor. For Spiderman there was the Green Goblin. For Thor there was… there was… well whatever, no one read Thor anyway.

My point is that to truly overcome the limits you place on yourself in the course of everyday living, you need to have a figure slightly ahead of you (even if that figure’s spot on the horizon is only in your mind) something to strive towards – some goal pulling you ever onwards towards self-improvement.

Right now life is good. My boy is 3 and awesome, my girl is verging on 7 months old and awesome, my wife is ageless, beautiful and, of course, awesome. My friends are good people and for some reason let me make fun of them; even my frickin’ supervisor is a hellova nice guy.

I have no nemesis.

M. Night. Shamalamamambeeboopalopadoppaamamamamdingdong even did a movie about it, back when he was making movies that were worth spending 1hr32 minutes on; Unbreakable is all about the search for a nemesis – your counterpart, albeit your evil counterpart, who will improve you as a person through your efforts to overcome him and/or her.

As an inherently lazy person, without the motivation of hatred I lack the desire to improve myself; I have the knowledge of many of my flaws but none of the will power to overcome them.

Nemesis… where are you?

Thought for the Day: if every time you try something it always turns out wrong, should you call a Quantum Mechanic?


FGM said...

what about this occupant fellow that you wrote about, he seems to be stealing room in your mailbox, that's how it starts

Rob said...

I'll be your nemesis, you brainless sack of crap.


htwavcbh said...

sorry Rob - a nemesis must be of equal worth. You can be my dancing monkey.

Rob said...

I've seen what you do with monkeys... No thanks.