Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Changed the Template Again

Finding the right template for your blog is like finding the right person to spend the rest of your life with - in a more trivial sort of way.

I've been dating blog templates for a bit now - a couple of months I guess since I started here and I believe this is my 4th template.

The first template was the one I chose right off the bat - its like that first crush. You like it because it likes you back.

My second template was dark and mysterious - or at least darker and mysterious...er than my first template. It's like that chick you were interested in because she seemed different (and it turned out she was different in a knife wielding sort of way).

My third template ended up being a two timing template that was also sleeping with my wife's blog.

So here I am with Template #4.

Other than that not much to report. At some point I'm going to bring my posts from my old blog over, specifically for The Elephants of Surprise.

What I'm Reading: Right now I'm reading Path of Daggers by Robert Jordan. The 8th book in the Wheel of Time. I remember liking this book more before but this time I'm really skimming through it. Funnily enough I'm also reading Plutarch's Lives, and for some reason I'm really enjoying that one.


Evil Dingo said...

Sorry to break it to you, but I was using your third template while you were dating it. You may want to head to the clinic if you notice any strange rashes.

Man, she had nice fonts though and gave great margins.

htwavcbh said...


That would probably explain some of the odd pixilation she was having.