Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Alternate Dimension Needed

This weekend I boxed up the last of my books. I went from having two walls of one room virtually covered with books to having just three shelves. More rightly I should say our books I guess, as Carole stored some away as well but I think the majority of those stacked away were mine.

You'd be surprised what I can fit on three shelves of a bookcase, but it wasn't all of my books.

It started off slowly. Carole has taken up quilting and needs a place to store her fabric. It's only fair that she should have one half of the room. Occasionally I'm gregarious. So we set about using any spare boxes we had, and it came out to about 6 diaper (the 4 x124 size boxes if you're interested) boxes.

That left me with a wall of books. I was okay with that. I could still boast to the world at large that I had a wall of books.

But soon the time will come along when that third room will be needed by a new addition to the family - its not right now so no cheering. We plan to be ready whenever it happens.

So, as I said,t his weekend the last of the nonessential books went into Rubbermaid bins (4x80L) and those things are heavy - but my books will be safe.

So what did I fit on my three shelves? Virtually everything Discworld by Terry Pratchett, The Wheel of Time (paperback) by Robert Jordan, virtually everything written by L.E. Modesitt Jr., and virtually everything written by Stephen King, Steven Brust, and David Gemmell. I kept out my Lord of the Rings because its time for an annual reading (usually happens in November) and the Harry Potter books made it on there as well. There's also about 4 cubic inches to be reserved for books that I've bought which I will read in the near future.

Not bad for three shelves huh?

But still, its times like this when I feel that mankind, as a group, is missing out on a lot by not being able to access other dimensions.

The theory of quantum mechanics says there is a universe out there for every possibility; which means theoretically there's a universe out there where I don't have to pack away my books: couldn't I just store them there? This is the same technology I would use to develop my DTA (Dimensional Travel Assistant) - there's a dimension out there without traffic between you and the place you're going, why not access it, get there faster and pop right back into your own dimension... easy as pie? (Well store bought pie, I don't know how to make one from scratch).

At this point I'd even go for a bag of holding.

So... I now have a lot of boxes of books. There's only one question: where do I put the boxes?

Alternate Dimension Needed

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