Saturday, June 19, 2010

All Your Life Has Lead Up to This Moment…

Dear Solitary Reader:

Did you ever spend hours upon hours doing something that everyone else told you was pointless but you had to do it anyway? No, I’m not talking about work.

There are these little things, these little habits, these little hobbies. These are the things that we use to whittle away on the great wooden block of life when we only have a few moments. “I don’t have time to do much, I shall just play some Bejewelled Blitz until supper” 15 minutes later the garbage still needs to be taken out and you’re frustrated because you can’t get to the frenzy level.

I remember as a kid watching The Last Starfighter. I always wanted to be like the main character who beat the game and got to go fight in an intergalactic war; but for me the game of choice as a kid was one in an entirely different vein: Tetris. I played that game for hours. Every lunch hour in the computer room I was dropping the 4 line bombs; if nerd had been street I’d be one hip gangsta doofus.  As it was I was just a doofus.

I have never lamented all those hours playing Tetris; but I never kidded myself that they had any use; but it turns out I was wrong.

For you see Solitary Reader, I am moving. Not from the Fortress, nae never that; I am taking the physical body that contains the mental mind you read before you, yea unto a new location.

Everyday we’re packing boxes and as I place this right there, and that right here, I can hear the Tetris music in my head (doo doo dooo doo, doo doo doo doo da doo doo – you know it really doesn’t look like much written down) and I can fit piece after piece in box after box. It doesn’t just stop there; as I pack box after box in to the Mazda five again I hear the music and box after box fits as snugly as a bug in a rug (tangent: time to clean the rug if it has bugs).

I’m getting so good at this I fit our 46” TV into an egg carton. True story.

So stay the course my friend. There will always be garbage, there will not always be Bejewelled Blitz (come on, we all know they’ll replace it with BB 2.0 “Kickin’ the Family Jewels”). Eventually you will realize that all the time you spent slack jawed and drooling at the computer was a form of training for something, not necessarily greater, but necessary.

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