Thursday, December 31, 2009

In the Year 2010

As we look back on the year that was one of us, a seer, a visionary, a traveler on the currents of Time looks into the future; these are the truths he brings back.


On the field of grid iron
The Young Stallion revolts
And takes the triumph
(The Super Bowl goes to the Colts)

On a field of diamond
Victory comes to the city
Where Brotherly Love abounds
And where now the Doc is found.

Where contest comes to the court,
There where war with ball is done,
The final victory shall come
Where the Phoenix rises, in the land of the sun.

Where contest comes on field of ice
A Capital steeped in vice
Shall bring the cleansing victory home
Sticks raised high from Texas to Gnome.


Some will change, some will stay the same,
But though some change all will stay the same;
Those who seek power should not be given it,
Those who profess the way of truth are  not livin' it.
In the frozen north, the head still rests uneasy
Despite the lack of crown; one and all are sleazy.
In the land to the south the Chosen one still Lacks
And all around lie upon lie still stacks.
In the world ar large they come and go
Their lies as ageless as the works of Michelangelo.

The World

The date will alter
While humanity stagnates;
Great is our frailty.

The sun burns hotter
Our souls reach ever higher
All our days will change.

A Truer Word Was Never Spoken

Some Rapper, some where
Will tell us to raise our hands
Like we do not care.

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