Wednesday, April 7, 2010

House of the Rising Fur

Dear Solitary Reader:

While surfing the interweb today I ran across the following story: 3 charged in Edmonton rabbit house case. In case you can’t read (what are you doing here?) this story tells the tail… er tale… of 600 or so rabbits that had to be put down by the humane society because of three idiots who mistook the concept of having animals for taking care of animals.

This article isn’t about those three idiots – there is a special place in hell reserved for those people and it is occupied by one wee bunny… but he’s a ferocious killer… look at the bones!

This is a sad story dealing with death and a depth of apathetic depravity in the human condition that I can’t comprehend – therefore I will do what I do in all such instances: I will make fun of it.

With that in mind I present you the following parody of House of the Rising Sun.

House of the Rising Fur

There is a house in Edmonton
It was full of rabbit fur
It's been the raising of many a fur coat
But now its causing a stir

The mother was a moron
The son he was one too
The grandmother in a wheel chair
Ran over the rabbit poo

Now the only thing a tailor requires
Is some rabbits for to breed;
Just start with two, ten minutes later
You'll have all you need.

Oh mother tell your children
Not to do what they have done
If you have to have so many rabbits
just stop at one hundred and one

Well I got this story from the CBC
It was on the daily news
Reading about these idiots
Is givin' me the blues

Cause there is a house in Edmonton
They call the Rabbit House
They had 600 rabbits there
And there neighbours collected grouse.

And there you have it.

I say give this a couple of weeks and its going to be a CSI episode.

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